Dopo 30 anni coppia gay si sposa in ospedale (VIDEO)

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  1. Alessandro Volpi ha detto:

    Che storia ragazzi! Bella

  2. BigBoy ha detto:

    Bellissimaaaaa ❤️ Anche ioooooo ?

  3. Onner ha detto:

    Gli auguro tutto l’amore di questo mondo!

  4. Davidino ha detto:

    Piango ?

  5. Takashi Nakaya ha detto:

    Thank you everybody for their love and support on our story. It is a simple formula..LOVE and RESPeCt for each other which will gave us 31 years of pure happiness…we have been overwhelmed with all the messages we have been getting over the past few days and all the monetary support to help us continue see each other frequantly. Messages of support and LOVE from all over the world! it is amazing …to update you..he is been doing better lately since I arrived to Los Angeles 7 days ago and he has finished his radiation therapy with sucess. Now are now waiting for results on his latest biopsy to determine if chemotherapy will be beneficial or not to him. We are just playing it day by day, loving each other like the first day we met and with a lot of hope that everything will be fine. I will be leaving Los Angeles in 5 days which breaks my heart because he will be alone again but work house obligations are waiting for me in Japan so I will be back soon to his side in few weeks…LOVE to all of you…thank you

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